The Pro Streetboard: Black Edition
The Pro Streetboard: Black Edition
The Pro Streetboard: Black Edition
The Pro Streetboard: Black Edition
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The Pro Streetboard: Black Edition

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 This is the board for those who want to performance above all else.  Packed with features to ensure that you Ride Better. The shape has been designed by our Pro team to get you maximum lock on slides & grinds.

With its Fullsend Slick you are going to hit any rail with full confidence in the slide. Plus it comes with the addition of a fibreglass stringer, giving it even more strength to take those heavy, stomped, landings.


Dragan’s distinct mission is to ensure the board beneath your feet is not just there so you can ride, it’s there to help you Ride Better.

Our best selling board: The Pro is already a classic.  A logo centric graphic, so every one in the park knows you're down with Dragan.  

This is coupled with our SixSeven construction, taking off weight whilst letting the fibreglass stringer take the strain, all the strength and even less weight.

The Dragan Pro is handcrafted in Utah, designed by a team who has over 100 years combined experience in the sport. 

The Streetboard Bundle Options

Choose a bundle above and save cash:

The Ready to Ride: The footplates, crossbar (540mm or 560mm Stance options) the Keyless Kingpin System, Quickset Bindings, SLT Trucks and wheels and bearings.

The Board Only:  The footplates, crossbar (540mm or 560mm Stance options) and Keyless Kingpin System.

Choosing Your Stance on a Streetboard

The only choice is which stance. The Pro stances are measured in millimetres and reference the width between the center of the footplates.   We recommend the 540mm for most riders, especially if its your first streetboard, as  it will be easier to learn the unique movement.  The 560 is only suited to taller more advanced riders over 6ft (1.83m).

Purchasing outside of the E.U. , U.K. or U.S.A may incur import duties.

The Pro Board Specs:

  • Kingpin: Lightweight 8mm Keyless Teflon kingpin system - less tools, ride smooth, pop high. 
  • Stance: 540mm or 560mm.  You choose. 
  • 7-Ply Multi-material cross bar with Fibreglass stringer.  All the strength, less weight.
  • 6-Ply: Pro team designed footplates
  • Slick USA Version: Full Send Slick- A fast slide, smooth slide.
  • Graphics: Never-Wear Graphics, keep on sliding the graphics stay on.
  • Griptape: Included.

Product Details:

Ready To Ride Weight:

540: 7.18lbs/3.25KG


Board Only Weight: 

540: 4.6lbs/2.12KG


Assembled length: 

540: 35in/885mm

560: 35 3/4 in / 905mm

Max width:  9 7/8 in/252mm

Max Rider Weight: 250lbs/115kg