About Dragan & GunderLabs

Welcome to Dragan, a streetboarding haven founded by four visionary pioneers dedicated to steering this thrilling sport toward the recognition it truly deserves. With a rich history dating back to the late 80s, streetboarding has captivated enthusiasts worldwide.

At Dragan, Brinton and Kristine Gundersen lead the charge, passionately managing the business and driving its objectives to elevate both Dragan and the exciting world of streetboarding.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we redefine the boundaries of streetboarding together.

The GunderLabs

Dragan started building Gunderlabs (short-run factory) in Feb 2020 and officially launched its first product on June 7th, 2020.

Gunderlabs is our own purpose-built factory and R&D facility that is 100% focused on streetboarding.  With specialized presses, processes, and equipment solely built to improve the sport of streetboarding. 

It hosts heated presses for its snowboard-like construction of the Pro boards, a 3D print farm for rapid prototyping, upholstery sewing machines, a CNC for short-run production, and dedicated assembly and fulfillment areas.  It operates in the beautiful city of Ogden, UT. 

Ogden is within an hour's drive of 7 major ski resorts and was one of the host cities for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Research is the Key

Dragan began with an Agile based development model that quickly improved designs. Agile is a Software Developement model for fast and furious development of a product. 

As Dragan evolves its product lineup, the R&D model has transitioned into a Monolithic development model. We follow three stages of prototyping within this model: Alpha Team, Beta Team, and full team testing.

Alpha teams conduct early-stage tests, starting with a basic concept. The Beta team comprises members of the project team who are most suitable for testing the specific product. Finally, we roll it out to the full team before granting final approval.

Support the Riders

Dragan has enlisted and nurtured some of the world's top riders, boasting a collective riding experience of over 100 years within the team.

We maintain a compact team size to provide personalized support. Dragan invests in its team members, not only in enhancing their skating abilities but also in encouraging exploration of new talents and expanding existing personal skills.

The Pro and Am team includes videographers, marketing specialists, drone pilots, programmers, woodworkers, welders, and machinists.