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The Cruiser

Ride Different. Turn heads with a different flow as your cruise across town. Ride without ever taking your feet off the board, even up hills.

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  • Get Hooked

    The custom Dragan toe hooks open up a whole world of jumps, spins, and grinds. Designed to allow you to easily step out when things don't go right.

  • The Dragan Cruiser

    Specifically designed to make it easier to learn the unique movement of a streetboard. This is the perfect board for anyone wanting to start to Ride Different.

  • Ride Together.

    Join this growing community of riders who like to do things different. From Los Angeles to Miami. From London to Munich, the global streetboard scene is thriving.

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The Classic

Ride More: Strap in and hit the park on the Dragan Classic. Made for tricks: Push yourself on spins, slides, and airs- complete with bindings. The perfect off-season crosstrainer.


The Pro

Ride Better: For when you want to take your riding to the next level. Designed by our Pro Team for maximum speed, minimum weight, and unrivaled strength.

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