Buyer's Guide


So you're ready to Ride Different? Choosing your first streetboard may seem a little confusing.  That’s why we’ve made it easy for you.  If you are new to the sport, we highly recommend the Dragan Cruiser.

Here are the features and buyer's guide for each of our streetboard models:

Dragan Cruiser:

Best board for new riders

Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced

  • Ultra Compact
  • Soft wheels
  • Toe Hooks to hop curbs and cracks
  • Easiest to Learn
  • 30-day light use return policy
8 yrs+
4 ft or 120cm +

Dragan Classic:

Skatepark entry level

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

  • Straps for control
  • Longer stance for high speed
  • Wider bar and slick for slides on rails
  • Long nose and tail
  • Plastic trucks for smooth grinds
12 yrs+ 
4' 6" or 140cm + (Medium 500)
5'3 or 160cm + (Large 540)

Dragan Pro:

Designed for heavy skatepark use

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced

  • Never-Wear graphics
  • Widest bar for best performance
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Longest nose and tail
  • Plastic trucks for smooth grinds
15 yrs+ 
5'3 or 160cm + (Large 540)
5'10 or 175cm + (X-Large 560)