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Dragan Boards

Dragan Quickset Streetboard Bindings

Dragan Quickset Streetboard Bindings

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If you're wanting to take your riding to the next level and strap in, what you need are a set of bindings.  Our QuickSet Streetboard Bindings are our first model of bindings, and will fit any of our freestyle boards. (Please note these are not compatible with the Cruiser Board).


Much like bindings on a snowboard, Attaching Bindings to your Streetboard will allow you to open up a whole world of tricks.  

We recommend you don't start riding with bindings until you are confident on your board, and always use suitable protection.

They have been designed in house with ease of use in mind, so that you need to spend less time setting up your bindings, giving you more time to Ride Better

They come complete with our innovative Quickset brackets, which hold the nut meaning your only need a Phillips screwdriver to attach them to your board.  


  • 8 Quickset ABS Brackets
  • Solid 2" Webbing Straps
  • Metal Loop fasteners 
  • Dragan Boards Patches
  • Hardware


UK orders of the Quickset Bindings will ship week of 28th June

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