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The Classic Streetboard: Blue Edition

The Classic Streetboard: Blue Edition

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This is the board for those who are confident with the unique movement of a Streetboard and ready to strap in and Ride More.  Whether cross training for another board sport or wanting to step it up on street or in the skatepark.  

With its classic Streetboard construction and shape, this board comes in medium and large crossbar stances: perfect for any rider whatever your height. 


The Dragan Cruiser is the best board for learning the unique movement and getting fundamental tricks down, with the custom toe hooks enabling you to easily step off when you bail.


The Classic is designed for when you are ready to take it a step further and strap in.


The Classic takes its shape from our first ever board: The Alpha. It adds a wider cross bar so that you can lock into slides and grinds, with the bottom covered in our SimplySlick material meaning you are less likely to stick while sliding.


It also comes with longer curved kicks on the footplate, giving you room to slide on the nose or tail.  


This is coupled with a classic 7 ply construction making it thinner than The Dragan Cruiser. With the Ready to Ride bundle coming with Quickset bindings as standard this board is the perfect cross-trainer for snowboarders on the off-season, wakeboarders on dry-land off lake or kite boarders on windless days. Whatever your main board,  riding a Dragan board will mean you get to Ride More.



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    The Classic comes in Small (500mm) and Large (540mm) sizes.  The Small is suitable for riders from approximately 5ft up to 5'5" with the Large suitable for 5'5" and up. 

    Bundle Options

    The Ready to Ride: The footplates, crossbar (Medium or Large stance options) the Keyless Kingpin System, Quickset BindingsSLT Trucks and wheels and bearings.

    The Board Only:  The footplates, crossbar (Medium or Large stance options) and Keyless Kingpin System. 


    Kingpin: Lightweight 8mm Keyless Teflon kingpin system - less tools, ride smooth, pop high. 

    Stance: Small (500mm) or (540mm).  

    Construction: 7-Ply cross bar & 6-Ply footplates

    Slick: OurSimplySlicki s the perfect all rounder for park and street.

    Griptape: Included.


    Ready To Ride Weight: 

    Small: 8.15 lbs/3.7 kg

    Large: 8.3 lbs/3.75 kg

    Board Only Weight: 

    Small: 5 lbs/2.25kg

    Large: 5.15 lbs/2.33kg

    Assembled length: 

    Small: 32in/815mm

    Large: 33.5in/855mm

    Max width:  9in/228mm

    Max Rider Weight: 220lbs/100kg


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