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Ride Different. Ride Dragan

Imagine turning heads as you cruise the streets, carving downhills and then riding up them. All without taking your feet off the board. Take a different kind of ride with the unique movement of a Dragan Streetboard.

Hop up and down curbs with ease using the included custom Toe Hooks. Free to roam your city whilst burning calories as you cruise.

Learn Something New

If you like a brainteaser, or want to improve you coordination, then Streetboarding is the ride you've been looking for. Spend a couple of hours giving your brain a workout solving the unique movement. Then give your body a workout whilst standing out from the crowd with a skill for life.

Handcrafted in our own workshop, Ogden, Utah, USA.

Custom Toe hooks, hop curbs, quickly jump off 

Kingpin: Keyless Kingpin System for easy adjustments

Graphics: Classic styling

Griptape: Die-cut custom shape

Wheels: Super soft wide wheels for a smooth ride