Dragan Weekender

Streetboard Jam

A Weekend of Streetboarding, BBQ and More.

The Dragan Weekender is nearly upon us.  If you are still wanting to attend email Brinton@draganboards.com for details.  Come and join us for a weekend hitting skateparks, a Flowrider and indoor skydiving, topping it all of with a BBQ. 





June 10:
Open house at Dragan - Gunderlabs
June 11:
Breakfast at Dragan - Gunderlabs
10am - Gunderlabs Factory Tour
12-1 - Flowrider Ogden
3-7 - Woodward Park City (The session to book is 4-6pm).  Arrive early as it takes about 15 minutes minimum to register and check in.  Indoor sessions are only 1:45 long and you want EVERY second of that on ramps.  There are 2 outdoor parks and a pump track that are free all day with a session booked.  We will ride those for a few minutes before and after.
June 12:
Breakfast at Dragan - Gunderlabs
10 am -12pm - West Valley Skatepark
1:30 - 5pm - Woodward Park City (2-4pm session)
7pm -Late: Dragan - Gunderlabs - BBQ, Icebath, yardgames
June 13:
Breakfast at Dragan - Gunderlabs
9:30 am - 1:30pm - KTR Skatepark
3-4pm - Indoor Skydiving
There is food at both KTR and Woodward.  It's a limited selection but enough to get by.  You are welcome to pack food along the different days.  There is lots of food nearby West Valley Skatepark for Sunday.