The Am Team

Grant McCombs

- Hails from the great land of Post Falls, Idaho and now lives near Gunderlabs in great Ogden, UT.  The place where he comes from isn't the only thing that leaves you with chills.  Have you seen this guys lines and skills in the park? Grant grew up carving at the famous resort - Schweitzer and you can tell this with his smooth style and confidence.  Grant also loves flying drones, freeboarding, and might be the goat of Cruiser board tricks.  Grant is literally like family and we love it that way.

@grantmccombs - Insta   @grantmccombs5273 - Youtube


Jake Keenan

- This guy is butta.  No for reals, that's why he started streetboarding. He wanted to do snowboard butters in the summer!  He found streetboarding.  He is the undisputed champion of manuals.  Go watch a few clips and have your mind blown. He rips at skateboarding, and yes he can even kickflip a streetboard.  His Instragram says he loves anything with wheels.   If I had wheels would you love me?  Jake is from Ottsville, PA, and is very involved in his local community and skatepark @freefallqtown. This guy is full of passion and we are so happy to have him on the team.

@jakekeenan7 - Insta -