How to attach Neobrain Bindings to a Streetboard

How to attach Neobrain Bindings to a Streetboard

Streetboard bindings have come a long way since the Toe Straps and Bungees on a Snakeboard. 

When you first open up a set of Neobrains, it can be quite overwhelming of how to attach them to your streetboard.   Well fear not, here on the Dragan Streetboard Maintenance blog we are going to take you through all of the steps needed. 

If you'd rather, let our resident Streetboard Mechanic Robin take you through the steps on video.


1. Preparation

First of all unpack the bindings and separate the two bent brackets from the straight brackets.  You should have 8 sets of bolts, washers and nuts, two sets of bindings and two powers straps.   You then need to make sure you have a pair of pliers and a screwdriver to hand. 

2. Orientation

The Neobrain bindings do have a left and right:  The velcro fastening should be set up on the outside of your shoes, so ensure you get them set up right. The brackets are also directional, with the bracket with the bend to be set up on the outside of your shoe, with the bend pointing back to the centre of the board. 

3. Setting your stance

Next, take your Streetboard and stand on it the way you would feel comfortable riding it.  Many streetboarders will ride it slightly duck footed, with your toes pointing to the outside of the board. Have a look down at your feet, and the holes that are the closest to the outside of your shoes will be the ones you want to use for the starting position of setting up your bindings.

4. Setting up the Brackets

You then want to put the bolts through the holes you have identified in the last steps, with the bolts pointing upwards and the head in the underside of the footplate. Lay the bindings flat and if you're unsure which holes to use on the binding, shoot for the central hole. You can always change it later if its too tight on your shoes. 

After putting the bolts through the bindings its time to add the metal brackets in the direction described in step 3, with the longer hole back towards the heel. 

Once that is in place, fold the binding back on its self and put the bolts through the second hole, so the metal bracket is covered. Put the washers on top of the binding and tighten up the nuts.  Leave the rear ones loose, as you still need to add the powerstrap. Now put you feet in and check they feel comfortable. 

5. Adding the Powerstrap. 

Now undo the rear nuts and add the power straps with the word Neobrain being able to be read by a person facing you.  These go on the rear bolts, add the washers on top of these and then tighten the nuts. 


That's it, that's how to set up a set of Neobrain bindings on a streetboard.  Now you're set get out there and slay!






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