• Ride More

    Ride year round with a Dragan Board. No matter the weather, strap in and keep your Snowboard muscle memory fresh.

  • Ride Better

    Stack tricks at the skatepark then take them to the slopes. Stomp that spin, nail that flip and raise your rail game.

  • Ride Longer

    Slay all day and remain ride ready. Ride a Dragan board and work those key muscle groups.


Alex Villanueva: Pro Dragan Rider and snowboard ripper. Looking for a way to keep riding once the snow had melted brought Alex to the sport of streetboarding XX years ago.

Now Alex can be found slaying the skatepark on his Dragan board before bringing those same tricks to the white stuff. Click below to shop his Signature Pro Model.

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The Pro: Alex Villanueva Signature Edition