Buyer's Guide


So you're ready to Ride Different? Choosing your first streetboard may seem a little confusing.  That’s why we’ve made it easy for you.  If you are new to the sport we highly recommend:

The Dragan Cruiser.  

Key Features:
  • Shorter stance is easier for learning
  • Dragan Toe Hooks included. The optimum foot position
  • Quickly step off the board with out being fully strapped in
  • Hop up and down curbs across town
  • Roll over cracks with big soft wheels


The shorter stance means that you will pick up the unique movement quicker, plus it comes with our custom toe hooks as standard. 

These ensure your feet are in the optimum position for learning as well as helping you transfer the power generated by your upper body into a forward motion. 

Once you picked that up, you’ll be cruising across your city in no time.  The Toe hooks will then let you hop up and down curbs on the way to your destination. 

Should you come across an impassable object, need to jump off in a hurry or just want to hop onto public transport, you are not fully strapped in so can quickly step off the board ..  

The cruiser also comes with large soft wheels as standard making rolling over cracks and bumps super easy.