Jay Nowman holding Dragan STreetboard Lube Bottle

How to Lubricate your Kingpin

Lubing up your Streetboard

Unlike the old school closed system Snakeboard, a streetboard is a modular affair.  The great thing means that you can upgrade parts as they come to market, and also give each part some TLC. 

  • Both the Lightweight and Keyless kingpin systems from Dragan Boards are lubed before shipping.  However they can often dry out in the shipping process.   That's why we recommend using some Dragan Lube to make sure your board will be pivoting smoothly.  
  • Your board will also over time require application of lube to the Teflon discs. 
  • To lube up your board you need to insert the correct size hex key in the top bolt if you have a Lightweight Kingpin System.  With the keyless Kingpin system you don't need to go through this step as the head of the kingpin is fixed into the board. 
  • You then need to loosen the lower nut until it comes off.  
  • You will be left with a lower washer and small teflon disc, as well as the larger disc that sits between the bar and the footplates. 
  • Put a four to five drops of Dragan Lube onto the larger disc on both sides, and then 2 on the smaller disc, just on the side that will be in contact with the cross bar.  
  • You then can put all the parts back together, and tighten it all back up.  
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