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The Pro Streetboard: Alex Villanueva Signature Edition

The Pro Streetboard: Alex Villanueva Signature Edition

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 Pre-Order now.  Boards Ship May 17th 2023 in EU/UK, May 14th USA.

Alex Villanueva is one of the most exciting riders in Streetboarding today. 

His dedication to the slay is unrivalled, with his hard work and floaty style making him thoroughly deserving of his first ever Signature model. 

Alex first stepped on a Streetboard 13 years ago as a way to Ride More and continue his snowboarding long after the last of the snow had melted.  With tricks flowing in both directions Alex’s riding is a perfect example of the synergy between these two board sports. 

To celebrate this cross over, Adria Ventura, legendary Streetboard Graphic designer has taken a stripped back approach, leaving a gorgeous wood grain finish on top meaning each board that rolls off the press will have its own unique character. The bottom features a nod to Alex's reason for first riding:

“On Concrete as on Snow” 


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Product Details


The Pro stances are measured in millimetres and reference the width between the center of the footplates.   We recommend the 540mm for most riders, especially if its your first streetboard, as it will be easier to learn the unique movement.  The 560 is only suited to taller more advanced riders over 6ft (1.83m).

Bundle Options

The Ready to Ride: The footplates, crossbar (540mm or 560mm Stance options) the Keyless Kingpin System, Quickset BindingsSLT Trucks and wheels and bearings.

The Board Only:  The footplates, crossbar (540mm or 560mm Stance options) and Keyless Kingpin System.


Kingpin: Lightweight 8mm Keyless Teflon kingpin system - less tools, ride smooth, pop high. 

Stance:540mm or 560mm.  You choose.

 7-Ply Multi-material cross barwith Fibreglass stringer.  All the strength, less weight.

6-Ply: Pro team designed footplates

Slick USA Version:Full Send Slick- A fast slide, smooth slide.

Graphics:Never-Wear Graphics, keep on sliding the graphics stay on.

Griptape: Included.


Ready To Ride Weight:

540: 7.18lbs/3.25KG


Board Only Weight: 

540: 4.6lbs/2.12KG


Assembled length: 

540: 35in/885mm

560: 35 3/4 in / 905mm

Max width:  9 7/8 in/252mm

Max Rider Weight: 250lbs/115kg


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