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The Dragan Cruiser Streetboard: Green Edition

The Dragan Cruiser Streetboard: Green Edition

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Picture yourself cruising the streets, hopping up curbs and powering up hills, then carving downhill like you are surfing the streets. All without taking your feet off the board. 

 The Dragan Cruiser is also available in the Black Edition. 

Bringing it back to its roots, the ultimate cruiser board from Dragan is here.  Whether you used to Snakeboard back in the day or are new to the sport of Streetboarding, this is for you. The short stance makes learning the unique movement a breeze, along with our tutorials from our Pro Team.

Coming complete with our custom Dragan Toe Hooks v2 make hopping up and down curbs a breeze, as well as pushing the board to the limit and popping tricks.

The Cruiser comes out of the box fully ready to ride, including our ground breaking SLT Trucks.  Meaning should you later want to take things to the next step with one of our freestyle boards, you can just buy the board only option and a set of bindings and you're ready to go.  


  • Compact shape for simplified learning
  • Toe hooks to aid with jumps and maneuverability
  • Quickly dismount in case of urgent situations for safety

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    Product Details


    Stance: 460mm Easy to learn fun to masterTight Turning Radius - Move through obstacles with ease.

    Wheels: 80a/65mm Soft Wheels - Roll over rough surfaces and cracks with ease

    Dragan Toe Hooks v2 - Come as standard. Helps to pick up the movement and pull jumps.

    Bearings: Abec 3 - A smooth ride

    Trucks:  SLT Trucks - Lightweight and easy to grind.


    Weight: 5.91 lbs/2.7kg

    Assembled length: 

    26 inches/660mm

    Max width: 

    10 1/4 inches/260mm

    Height (With Toe hooks): 5 3/4 inches/146mm

    Max Rider Weight: 250lbs/115kg


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Peter Schultz
    Good quality

    Cant ride properly yet, but its dope

    Benjamin Schimke
    Love it

    A little bit difficult but I love it great for double sessions with my skateboard for chill stuff

    Bryce Larsen
    Not at all like snowboarding

    I tried to return by emailing and have not heard back. I learned to ride it but it is just not what I expected from the videos. Looks really silly, I did t realize how independently your feet need to move. It’s really not similar to snowboarding at all.

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a stellar experience. If you would like to return the board please reach out to and we will be happy to help you there. I hope our messaging is transparent about cross training. While learning to move, it will not feel like snowboarding or other board sport. There is a learning curve you need to get through. After you get to the point where you no longer think about the board being under your feet, then it has a lot more translation to other sports and truely has an amazing flow.

    Devon Stanley
    Great Purchase

    I’m loving my Cruiser. Being able to commute without taking my feet off the board and being able to do tight, snowboard-like carves, is awesome.

    I just wish the toe hooks curved around the front of my toes more. I find my back foot slips forward, when I’m riding hard.

    Yuh Boi Yuh Boi

    It’s fun to ride hard to learn at first. Very big learning curve and you should post more videos on how to learn to ride it