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Dragan Boards



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Keep you Dragan Streetboard lubricated and pivoting freely, apply to the Teflon discs in the lightweight or keyless kingpin systems  periodically to get that super smooth ride  

  • 1.5 Oz (US orders) 
  • 100% Silicon Oil. 
  • Use in very small amounts for best results direction between Teflon/Plastic and the deck and bar.
  • Specifically designed for lubricating plastic on plastic parts. (not for roller or ball bearings!) . The Dragan Lube will help reduce that pesky torsion bite of king pin bearings made from Teflon.  This will keep you flowing!


Please note all our products ship from the United States or the United Kingdom.   Any customs import fees will need to be paid buy the purchaser where applicable.   These will differ depending on your country's import rules. 

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