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Dragan Boards

Dragan Streetboard Toe Hooks v1

Dragan Streetboard Toe Hooks v1

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These are the Classic original version of the Dragan Toe Hooks. 

Imagine jumping on your board, carving off down the street, uphill or along the flat without having to take your feet off the board. Imagine then being able to hop up and down curbs without the hassle of strapping in.

The Dragan toe hooks are the perfect balance between riding a streetboard with full on bindings or completely without.

Designed specifically for our Dragan Cruiser they help you learn quicker by exaggerating the transfer of power from the upper body movement to the wheels without your feet slipping off.  Unlike with bindings that are designed for our freestyle board, you are able to take your foot off the board in an emergency.

Once you've mastered the movement, the Dragan Toe Hooks are perfect for learning fundamental tricks before taking the fully committed step off strapping in to our Dragan Classic or Pro model. 

The Dragan Toe Hooks will work with the Dragan Classic or Pro model however they will not provide as great an experience as with the Dragan Cruiser .  The reason is that the wider stance on these models make it harder to achieve the necessary pressure in order to jump as well as the extra weight of these boards.  


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