What’s the difference between a Snakeboard and a Streetboard?

What’s the difference between a Snakeboard and a Streetboard?



So you’ve stumbled across our Streetboards and thought it looks familiar?

“That’s just a Snakeboard! “.

Well here we are going to break down the exact differences between a Snakeboard and a Streetboard, and the answer might surprise you!

Snakeboard, the original Streetboard!

So, the difference between a Snakeboard and a Streetboard is….nothing.  Much like many other generic trademarks, Snakeboard was the original brand name that kicked off the sport of Streetboarding.

Much like Rollerblade became the go to name for inline skates, Snakeboard was the name of the original company that was founded by the inventors of the unique board; James Fisher, Simon King and Oliver Macleod Smith in 1989.

A Short History of Snakeboard

Wanting to create a board that would more closely represent the feeling of surfing and snowboarding, they chopped an old roller skate in half and attached it to two wooden footplates with plumbing pipe in the centre.

This crude board would then birth the company Snakeboard, which through various licensing agreements, sold tens of thousands worldwide.

Snakeboarding was what the sport was called during the early nineties, as the company owned a patent on the board design.

Snakeboarding to Streetboarding

As the sport grew, so did the needs of the riders and the interest from outside brands.  Anderson USA became one of them, and under license produced their own Streetboards.

One of the first t-shirts to feature the new found name for the sport was the legendary TEAM CHEeSE “Streetboarding Creeps” design created by renowned Streetboard artist Mark Campbell.

Snakeboard Falls

Snakeboard was eventually bought by a toy manufacturer, who showed no interest in keeping the sport of streetboarding going.

This left it up to the children of snakeboarding to forge their own path and keep the sport alive through organising contests, running magazines and eventually starting their own board companies.  It is from that family of riders that Dragan boards, along with other respected brands, have been born.  To carry on riding the boards we love, and helping everyone, whether new or seasoned pro, to ride better.

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