The Shadow Board Only
The Shadow Board Only
The Shadow Board Only
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The Shadow Board Only

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** UK and EU Orders of the Shadow will ship 8th February  **

Introducing Dragan's third artist collaboration, The Shadow.   For this release we've teamed up with longtime friend, rider and Streetboard stalwart Juan Saénz Valiente.   Juan is a professional cartoonist, and his was the pen behind the all time classic cover and intro to Frontal Boarding Industries' "Shadow Monkeys" video.

Product Specs:


  • Kingpin: Lightweight 8mm Teflon kingpin system - ride smooth, pop high. 
  • Stance: 540mm or 560mm.  You choose. 
  • 7-Ply Multi-material with Fibreglass stringer.  All the strength, less weight.
  • Slick: Send-it Slick - a consistent slide all the time.  
  • Graphics: Never-Wear Graphics, keep on sliding the graphics stay on.
  • Griptape: Included.


Stance Guide 

Height (ft) Height (CM)  Stance
Less than 5'11" Less than 180cm 540mm
5'11 - 6ft 180-183cm 550mm 
More than 6ft More than 183cm 560mm 


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