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The Dragan Cruiser Streetboard - Red Edition

The Dragan Cruiser Streetboard - Red Edition

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The RED EDITION is only available in the UK.

Picture yourself cruising the streets, hopping up on curbs and powering up hills using the built-in toe hooks, then carving downhill like you are surfing the streets. All without taking your feet off the board   

Bringing it back to its roots, the ultimate cruiser board from Dragan is here.  Whether you used to Snakeboard back in the day or are new to the sport of Streetboarding, this is for you. The short stance makes learning the unique movement a breeze, along with our tutorials from our Pro Team.

We've developed this board to have a snappy ride with a tight turning circle for maximum manoeuvrability, comparable to the classic Pro-X, enabling deep carves and easy power transfer.

Handcrafted in Utah, designed by a team who has over 100 years combined experience in the sport. 


  • 460mm Stance - Easy to learn fun to master
  • Tight Turning Radius - Move through obstacles with ease.
  • 80a/70mm Soft Wheels - Roll over rough surfaces and cracks with ease
  • Dragan Toe Hooks - Helps to pick up the movement, use them to hop up and 
  • Abec 3 Bearings - A smooth ride 
  • SLT Trucks - Lightweight and easy to grind. 






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