The Charlie Streetboard
The Charlie Streetboard
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The Charlie Streetboard

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Our first artist collab board features graphics by the long time U.K. Streetboard player Matt Jacobs.  Going by the handle @darkmattart he has built up a captivating portfolio of female illustrations, and we have been blessed by the opportunity to feature "Charlie" on one of our handcrafted streetboards. 

This release comes in both 540mm and the much demanded 560mm stance (make your choice above) featuring our lightweight fibreglass stringer for a low weight durable ride.

The Charlie Specs:


  • Kingpin: Lightweight 8mm Teflon kingpin system - ride smooth, pop high. 
  • Stance: 540mm or 560mm.  You choose. 
  • 7-Ply Multi-material with Fibreglass stringer.  All the strength, less weight.
  • Slick: Send-it Slick - a consistent slide all the time.  
  • Graphics: Never-Wear Graphics, keep on sliding the graphics stay on.
  • Griptape: Included.

NGT Trucks Specs:

  • WSA Standard fit 
  • Carbon infused Nylon 
  • Toughened Steel Axel 
  • Free Truck Bolts

Stance Guide 

Height (ft) Height (CM)  Stance
Less than 5'11" Less than 180cm 540mm
5'11 - 6ft 180-183cm 550mm 
More than 6ft More than 183cm 560mm 


Purchasing outside of the E.U. , U.K. or U.S.A may incur import duties.