Meet the Team

Founded by Brinton Gundersen in 2020, Dragan Boards exists to help you ride better, whatever your level.   Ushering in a new era of riding by providing high performance products dripping in style without ever forgetting the sport’s history or the people who got it here.

It’s not just the boards that are light and nimble, it’s the whole company through.  Built around the same fast moving, no idea is too wild ethos as the software greats, expect to see a rapid fire breathing development rate across all that the Dragan touches.

Dragan Streetboards may be handcrafted in the Gunder-Labs, Utah, but they are born from the hive mind of an international team bringing 100+ years of Streetboarding experience. 

Bringing professionalism, imagination and most importantly a slew of in-jokes to the constant innovation that stand Dragan Boards apart. 

We present to you the individuals that ensure you can ride better:   

Brinton Gundersen

Kristine Gundersen

Sergi Nicolas

Jay Nowman

Stefan Tribe

Simon Johns

Alex Villaneuva

Marta Guarino Tirado