We introduce to you DraganRace.  This is a competition focused on fun.  Our aim is to get you out there, cruising around your city and enjoying riding your Streetboard, whilst also burning some calories as a bonus.

Everybody can enter, whether you just started streetboarding and want to challenge yourself to completing the 2km, or you've been riding for years but never completed a straight 10km.  It will all help you RideBetter, with more time on your board. 

Powersliding on a Streetboard

How to Enter

The concept is simple: You get out there and ride three different distances as fast as you can: 2km, 5km and 10km each with a two week window to complete.  

You then track it on an app like Strava or similar.

Entering is just as easy.  You just post up a screen shot in your stories making sure you are tagging us and using the hashtag #draganrace.

You MUST choose a mode that tracks elevation gain/loss such as running or cycling modes. The maximum elevation drop your course can include is a total of 150m.

Graph of Streetboard Elevation Gain

Your course must be as flat as possible, with elevation variation is fine but no downhill all the way, this is meant to be fun and a personal challenge!

The 2KM DraganRace - 27th March to 11th April Inclusive

The First race is 2km and needs to be posted by the end of April 11th 2021.

There will be a league table and the winner will receive a Golden prize.

So what are you waiting for. Get out there this weekend and go for your fastest time over 2km.